About the film Kaboom: A History of Bombing
The Kaboom Podcast
Episode 7: "We paid blood for this"
Date:  June 2, 2017.
Photojournalist Warzer Jaff tells us about covering ISIS in Iraq. Also, the long-secret massacre of up to 300 black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including what may have been the first aerial bombing in the United States.
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Warzer Jaff, Photojournalist for BuzzFeed
Artist: Theo Chandler, Seohee Min. Title: Two Recitatives for Violin and Clarinet.
Composer: Theo Chandler.
Link: theochandler.com.
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Artist: Javolenus. Title: Ianiscus.
Link: ccmixter.org.
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Artist: Peter Bradley-Fulgoni. Title: Sentimental Waltz.
Composer: Tchaikovsky.
Link: peterbradley-fulgoni.com.
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Artist: Kevin MacLeod. Title: Mysterioso March.
Link: incompetech.com.
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Artist: Blue Dot Sessions. Title: An Opus in A Flat.
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